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On the occasion of the upcoming Children's Day, a mega price reduction on XXL desks and all desks with Ergo and Aero tops is up to 30% cheaper. The promotion lasts until June 03, 2024 or while stocks last.

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Gaming desks

Electro C36 110x65

It's not just a desk, it's an ergonomic workstation that can be adjusted electrically by raising or lowering it.

The height-adjustable frame ensures comfort when working standing and sitting. The adjustable electric desk allows you to adjust the height to your needs. A white adjustable desk is elegance in any interior.

The sit-stand desk gives you the freedom to choose your working position. A small height-adjustable desk is a great solution for smaller spaces. The electric desk stand guarantees stability and durability.

For children, an adjustable desk means healthy development while learning. The height-adjustable desk automatically adjusts to your needs. The size of 140x70 cm and a 36 mm thick tabletop provide space for creativity.

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Countertop dimension: 1100x650mm

Below is the desk configurator, where you can choose the color of the legs/frame, table top and equip the desk with accessories that will improve the comfort of use.

If you want to order a desk with other dimensions, use the configurator in the tab: Create your own desk

To change the arrangement of the equipment to a different one than in the given visualization, please provide guidelines with dimensions in the comments when placing the order

i By clicking on the "i" icon or the name of the equipment, a detailed description will be displayed

All electrical devices in our products have type C or E plugs.

In the further part of the page you can find all information and descriptions about the product.

Electro C36 110x65

Shipping in 24h

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Set up a desk:

Number of monitors (for illustrative purposes only)

Show me the laptop (for illustrative purposes only)

Show keyboard and mouse (for illustrative purposes only)

iclick to learn moreColor of the legs/frame

Table top size [mm]

Table top thickness [mm]

iclick to learn moreColor of the countertop

Change the color of the countertop

The color of the rim

Mirror reflection (equipment on the opposite side)

Set up a desk:

iclick to learn moreProgrammer for an electric rack

iclick to learn moreRGB LED illumination on the back

Change LED color (illustrative)

iclick to learn morePlastic cable gland


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Electro C36 110x65

Selected configuration:

  • Countertop 36mm, classic -
  • Edge color
  • Mirror reflection
  • LED
  • width


  • height


  • depth


  • tabletop thickness


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The visualizations of the desks are for illustration purposes only and may differ in details from the real ones. Desk visualizations are natural photos, but their appearance may differ from the real one depending on the type of light and differences in display on monitors.

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The most important information

The most important information

For those who value style, we have classic and rustic office desks. Children's desks create a friendly place to learn and play. A gaming desk with a sliding keyboard top is a convenience in games.

RGB LED lighting on the back and top creates a gaming atmosphere. A recessed socket, USB 4x3.0, cable glands and more make the desk ready for a variety of needs.

Electric height adjustment of the desk ensures comfort and convenience. It's more than just a desk - it's a tool that will allow you to succeed in games and work. Choose the Electro King C36 gaming desk and discover a new dimension of efficiency.

  • Countertop width [mm]: 1100
  • Countertop height [mm]: 710-1200
  • Countertop depth [mm]: 650
  • Countertop thickness [mm]: 36
  • Countertop colors available: Traviata Oak
  • Leg room [mm]: 710-1200
  • Weight [kg]: 42
  • Legs/Frame: Electric rack - Electro

Basic equipment:

  • RGB LED illumination on the back
  • Plastic cable gland
oak-traviata oak-traviata

Gaming countertop36mm

A classic gaming tabletop with a solid thickness of 36 mm, made of durable, full laminated furniture board, additionally reinforced with two-millimeter PVC veneer. Its simple yet elegant shape makes it a versatile accessory that fits perfectly into various interior arrangements.

Even despite its light weight, this deck is ready to take on the challenges of the most intense gaming sessions. Its solid construction ensures both durability and resistance to loads, making it an indispensable partner for every player.

The load capacity of this table top is up to 120 kg, which guarantees not only stability but also safety during use.

Electric rack - Electro


An electrically lifted desk frame is a proposal for people who spend a lot of time working in the office. It allows you to differentiate the position, and thus relieve the spine and relax the muscles. The frame beam has a cable channel. Stepless, smooth height adjustment from 710mm - 1210mm ensures comfort and promotes healthy use. Additional feet adjustment for leveling.

- WITHOUT PROGRAMMER: built-in buttons: up - down
- WITH PROGRAMMER: advanced controller with memory of the position and alarm that will allow you to maintain a "healthy balance" between standing and sitting, anti-collision system (when an obstacle is encountered, the drive will automatically turn off)
It has an E type plug.

See the color


rating Stability
  • height


Possible equipment

oak-traviata Programmer for an electric rack


No programmer

Built-in up and down buttons (maximum rack load 70 kg)

oak-traviata RGB LED illumination on the back

LED illuminationon the back

Mounted in a profile aluminum strip.
The LED backlight behind the desk is an option for an ambient aura of light on the wall next to the desk.

Possibility to change colors in the entire RGB palette. Remote control included.
It has an C type plug.


This is the standard option that emits light in RGB colors.
Comes with a remote control and power supply.

oak-traviata Colour

Plasticcable gland

Round cable gland with a removable and rotating cover for comfortable cable routing under the desk top. Dimensions : & phi; 88 mm
Installation (equipment axis from the rear edge of the table top): Classic table top - 74mm, if there is also LED at the top - 124mm. Ergonomic table top - 150mm. if one cable gland in the middle - 74mm, if additionally LED at the top - 124mm.

Black colour


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  • Manual user instructionsManual user instructions

  • Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find the assembly instructions for the desk?

    The instruction manual for the assembly of the desk is attached to each desk, and is also on each side of the desk in the service section.

    Can I order a desk with other dimensions?

    Of course it is possible. You can set up by phone or create your own desk in the tab create your own desk.

    Does the induction charger work with any phone

    The inductive charger only works with phones that have the inductive charging function. This information should be checked in the specification of the phone.

    What are the functions of the timer in the electric rack?

    The programmer is used to memorize and adjust the height of the desk frame. The frames with the programmer also have an anti-collision system - the desk will stop immediately after hitting an obstacle.

    What range and how many colors does LED lighting have?

    LED backlight has an RGB color palette. We will get every color and shade.

    Can I change the location of the equipment?

    The equipment is installed as standard according to the illustrative photo, but it is possible to change the setting. Enter the name of the element and its location in the comments when placing the order.

    If I hit the tabletop hard under the influence of emotions, will it break?

    Our worktops are made of full laminated furniture board, so there is very little chance of it.

    Is the desk top matt or glossy?

    All our worktops are semi-matte. Only the WALNUT CALIFORNIA color is glossy.

    What is the maximum allowable load on the desk?

    The load on the desk depends mainly on the thickness of the top and the weight distribution:
    18mm thick table top: From 60kg to 140kg
    36mm thick table top: From 100kg to 220kg
  • Shipping and ReturnShipping and Return

    1. Ordered goods are delivered via a courier company within 1-2 business days from the date of shipment or collected in person at the company's office.
    2. The order will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer in the order. The online store https://gamingart.eu is not responsible for non-delivery of goods or delay in delivery of the ordered goods or execution of the order, resulting from providing an incorrect or inaccurate address of the supplier.
    3. Upon receipt of the shipment, the Customer should, if possible, check the package and the product received in the presence of the supplier for possible damage. It is advisable that in the event of damage to the parcel or goods, the Customer, if possible, refuse to collect the parcel and confirm the condition of the parcel in the presence of the courier, which will significantly facilitate the pursuit of complaints.
    4. Changes to shipping or cancellation of the order are possible by contacting the store at: contact@gamingart.eu.
    5. The customer cannot cancel an order that has already been shipped.
    6. The Store issues a proof of purchase for each order: a receipt or a VAT invoice.
  • GuaranteeGuarantee

    The KRL wooden art company provides a warranty for our company's products under the following conditions.
    These warranty conditions shall apply as long as they do not conflict with the applicable national or European law with regard to the warranty provisions. The statutory warranty provisions apply in addition to this warranty. The provisions of this guarantee do not infringe the statutory provisions. This warranty does not deprive the Buyer of the rights he is entitled to under the statutory provisions regarding the withdrawal from the contract of sale and does not limit them or make it difficult to use them.

    The condition for using the warranty is that the customer attaches a copy of the original bill to the device. In the case of private sale of KRL wooden art products to third parties, the guarantee may be transferred to third parties, provided that the original invoice is also provided for the sale. We do not provide a guarantee for goods received free of charge. The performance of the warranty services does not result in the extension or renewal of the warranty period.

    We provide a 2-year warranty on desks, armchairs and accessories, starting from the date of purchase.

    If, during the above-mentioned warranty periods, defects occur that are not due to damage due to misuse, incorrect handling, changes to the device by the customer, or electrical or mechanical overloads, or if no repair has been attempted by the customer or a third party, we will replace or we will repair the device at our discretion. If a device which is identical in all respects is no longer available, we are entitled to replace it with a technically equivalent device. In the event that we are unable to fulfill the warranty in the manner chosen by us, we will refund the current value of the device in question. The warranty does not apply to changes to the software of the device or changes to external software with which the device interacts, if these changes were made by another company and are made after the device has been handed over to the user.

    In order to implement the warranty, please contact us by phone at 531 579 768 or in writing to: contact@gamingart.eu before sending the defective device and a copy of the invoice.